From property assessment, to landscape design and installation, your project is launched and completed by one company, Valley West Landscapes.

Throughout your landscape renovation, our landscape designers and installation crews, collaborate from the beginning. Customers who partner with Valley West Landscapes for design and installation, can expect an efficient work stream. Valley West takes care of administrative burdens, secures timely-inclusive estimates, and consistently adheres to production schedules.

From start to finish, Valley West Landscapes, ensures your project will be completed on budget, on time and with precision. Most of all, you can expect your vision to be carried out to the finest detail. Contact us to for a FREE no obligation estimate.


  • Landscape Consultation & Design
  • Patio’s & Walkways
  • Retaining Walls
  • Drainage & Erosion Control
  • Water Features
  • Irrigation Design & Installation
  • Sod Installation
  • Outdoor Lightning

Colorful flower garden. How to plant flowers like the pros

landscaping renovationOur philosophy on landscape renovation

Our goal is to enhance what your space has to offer with sound design practices. A properly designed and installed landscape creates continuity within your landscape.

Over many years, we have learned, the only renovation you will truly love is one that is properly thought out! This includes considering drainage, final plant size, flow, and most importantly how you use your space.

Why choose Valley West Landscapes for your landscape renovation?

Because we make translating your vision into a reality a simple process. With over 20 years of experience designing and installing landscapes in the Northwest, we have a streamlined six-step proven-method.

Our six-step method

1. Imagination

Our initial, complimentary, visit begins with you showing us your space and imagining the perfect landscape, together. We love to hear your ideas, how you typically use your space, answer any questions, and discuss the best options for your landscape.

2. Select Landscape Designer

We strongly suggest having a landscape design done to see the overall long-term vision of your space. We carefully choose the best designer for your project to make sure the designer fits your personal style. This creates a cohesive dynamic between you, the designer and Valley West Landscapes for a more unified vision of your landscape.

3. Teamwork and Creation

This step is very exciting; together, with our designer, we make your vision come alive on paper! This is where we revise or rework any details or features and make modifications to your design to best suit the needs of you and your family.

4.  Material Choices

Aside from a properly and uniquely designed landscape, material choice is one of the most important aspects. We recommend choosing materials which balance affordability and long-term design appeal. In addition, we suggest using zone-specific native northwest plants. Choosing the right products and plants will create spectacular long-term beauty, over the years. To aid this process we provide samples and pictures to help visualize your options.

5. Installation

During your landscape installation, our expert crews and project managers work together to build your vision. Our crews keep a clean and neat job-site which prevent overlooked details.

While your landscape is being built the project manager routinely checks in with you to ensure your expectations are being met.

6. Client Seal Of Approval

To us, a project is not complete until we do a final walk-through with every client. We find true joy when we see how satisfied each client is at project culmination! Therefore, our project manager does a final walk through of your renovation, with you, to verify every detail was completed to your liking. Our first priority is to ensure the satisfaction of project, making sure you enjoy your landscape for years to come.

Do I need a landscape renovation? Can I do this myself?

As we all well know, building a house on a poor foundation is the demise of the home! Similarly, we have seen time-and-again that most people, who are seeking a renovation, have specific problems areas, such as drainage concerns, un-even ground, yet are attempting to make such space functional. This type of impromptu landscaping attempt leads to less than functionally wasted space. Professional renovations can solve both minor issues and major issues that can lead to serious threats to your home – such as flooding, for example.

While there are landscaping tasks homeowners can attempt on their own, larger landscape renovations and overhauls are not suggested.

You may wonder if it is truly necessary to have a landscape design completed; we strongly recommend it for your own protection. A properly designed plan can help avoid scope creep which is great for your budgeting. It also helps us help you build on your landscape in phases if necessary. Consequently, this can lead to a forward-thinking map to your landscape, crafting a unified overall vision of your project!

In addition, professional landscape designs are important for other reasons such the assurance that everything is completed to code, grades are prepared properly and quality professional materials are utilized. Sadly, we have seen many homeowners who have attempted their renovations, which lead to higher costs in the long-run since they had to start over because of unforeseen problems and mistakes

The Nitty-Gritty

We do not cut corners and we stay until the job is done to your satisfaction! That means our project managers are frequently on-site ensuring your project is done to our very high standards. We never skimp on products. For instance, we have seen other companies use non-sterilized soil, causing a major headache later for their clients. We show photos of the products we will be using and provide samples of stone, pavers, barkdust or wood for all your projects. We believe in getting things done right, the FIRST time!

Are you ready to create a vision together?! Contact us for a complimentary visit and estimate, today.