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We specialize in landscape cleanup projects. No job is too large or small for our team. We can customize your cleanup to suit your needs. Generally speaking, most of our customers want their lawns mowed, edged, lawn fertilized, planting beds weeded & raked clean, debris removed from all walkways, pre-emergent weed control applied, barkdust applied, and pruning of all ornamental plants. However, this can be tailored to your needs. Contact us to for a FREE no obligation estimate.

  • Weed Removal
  • Rake Beds Clean
  • Pruning of all Plant Material
  • Pre-emergent Weed Control
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Mow & Edge Lawn
  • Any Cleanup Service you Want…We Can Do!

Our philosophy on landscape cleanups:

To create a functional and inviting space you can enjoy.

Most clients seeking a landscape cleanup are not happy with the current state of their landscape. Cleanups offer more usable spaces: Cleanups transform overgrown or forgotten landscapes, into breathtaking, useful outdoor havens! We are experts in landscape cleanups. Valley West Landscapes roots began, in 1997, by specializing and mastering “the cleanup”. Clients were so pleased, our relationship with them, blossomed into landscape renovation projects and on-going landscape maintenance services. In other words, landscape cleanups served as the bed-rock of Valley West Landscapes by creating and maintaining life-long relationships. Landscape cleanups have a special spot in our hearts.

When clients get a landscape cleanup, I get excited! It has the most dramatic before and after effect while not breaking the bank. I really enjoy seeing the expression on my client’s face when they finally see their transformed landscape”

-Ryan Wolfe, Owner

Why choose Valley West Landscapes for your landscape cleanup? 

Often times, when a client is at the point of calling for a cleanup – they’ve had it! They feel overwhelmed and frustrated with how out-of-hand their landscape has become. This can be a vulnerable position for a client. Other companies may offer unnecessary services and products. We will NEVER pressure you into something that does not promote your vision or overall health of your landscape. We want you to be happy with your landscape cleanup and do everything within our power to ensure you are pleased!

“You and your landscape are the focus of our plan for the longevity and beauty of your outdoor space” –Ryan Wolfe, President

Do I need a landscape cleanup? Can I do this myself?

Often times, clients will request services such as walls, plantings, or barkdust in efforts to rejuvenate their landscapes. However, upon assessment, they actually need a landscape cleanup. This often saves our clients time and money by seeing their “landscapes in a new light.” We recommend cleanups prior to any renovation as many people are very pleased with the look of their space afterward.

As the old adage goes “Many hands make light work” This couldn’t be more appropriate with a cleanup! We find many people who request a cleanup need some extra hands. This is for a couple of reasons:

  1. A cleanup often requires professional grade equipment such as a hard edger, for establishing lawn edges. The right equipment makes all the difference in making your landscape look polished and manicured.
  2. Typically an overgrown landscape takes many hours to correct. At this point, it’s about manpower. Most cleanups need a crew of 2-3 people working all day. For most customers, there are not enough hours in a weekend to complete such a project.

See what one of our longtime clients had to say:

My landscape was a mess, I just keep thinking, I’ll do it this weekend! Well, that weekend never came so I hired Valley West Landscapes. Gaudencio and Alonso, came and worked all day-for 3 days! I was amazed at their hard-work and attention to detail. Wow! I could have never done that on my own!

-Dayna M., Happy Valley, OR

The Nitty-Gritty

Most cleanups begin with turf mowing, hard-edging (to establish lost lawn edges), lawn fertilizing, weeding and raking of plant beds. Furthermore, debris is removed from all walkways and hardscapes, pre-emergent weed control (for long-term weed control) is completed, barkdust is applied and pruning of all ornamental plants is performed. We use highly-trained team members and professional grade equipment and products.

Landscape Cleanups are good for the earth!

Not only are landscape cleanups aesthetically pleasing, they are good for the eco-system in your landscape. Commonly, landscapes are overgrown with invasive and/or non-native species of plants (blackberries, ivy, and so forth). Invasive species can cause devastating structural damage to homes while also chocking out helpful native plants which wildlife thrives on. Furthermore, keeping a tidy landscape will deter pests from taking up residence in your landscape and home. An overabundance of squirrels, rats, and mice can severely damage trees and plants.

We are excited to make Oregon even prettier one landscape at a time!