When our customers express the sentiment of not liking blowers we empathize with this feeling; however, it is an industry necessity. Hand raking beds every visit drastically increases the crew’s time per visit. This is usually not a cost effective option for most of our customers. Typically, we try to rake beds one time per month. Although, this does vary with the time of the year.
There are a few times during the year, spring and fall, when it can be difficult to stay on top of weeds. Both of these yearly times produce optimal conditions for lawn growth, leaving little time for anything else. For example, in spring, lawns are growing particularly fast and there is much spring pruning to be done. Furthermore, during autumn, lawns are also growing fast, leaves are falling and there is fall pruning to be done. Additionally, weather conditions need to be just right for spraying-between 65° and 80° F with no rain. This creates a small window of opportunity to address the broadleaf’s. We thank you for your understanding on this.
Rarely are there times busier for a landscaping company than fall. Leaves represent a very busy time of year. If the crew leaves a piles of leaves it is because they ran out of room in the bed of the truck, so sometimes we need to do this. We apologize for any inconvenience and the crew will pick up the remaining leaves at your next visit.
There are a few times of year when it can be difficult to stay on top of weeds, spring and fall. Both of these times of year produce optimal conditions for lawn growth, leaving little time for anything else. In spring, lawn is growing extremely fast, along with our spring pruning. In fall, lawn is also growing extremely fast along with leaves falling and our fall pruning. Additionally, it can take up to two weeks for weeds to die after spraying, which are then mechanically removed. We thank you for your understanding on this.
New growth pruning is growth from the previous 6 months and isolated to the exterior of the plant. Included in most maintenance contracts we prune the new growth which occurred from the start of your contract. Corrective pruning is typically done on the interior of the plant. Additionally, corrective pruning includes thinning, removal of dead, crossing or rubbing branches. If you are unsure if you need corrective or maintenance pruning we would be glad to discuss your needs.
No part of a tree is included in our contracts if it is over 12′ height. If we pruned at the 12′ height we would have some pretty funny looking trees. Also, there is no way for us to estimate if there will be branches growing at a troublesome height. Typically, if a branch is growing at the “perfect” head height, this can be taken care of as an additional charge.
Occasionally we may skip your property, usually due to inclement weather or holiday’s, however, there is a good deal more work to complete the following week so we do not offer discounts or reimbursements for skipped visits.
We try to always have at least one crew member who speaks English. However, we ask that you give our office a call or email the maintenance manager with any questions or special requests. This ensures tasks get completed.
Yes, absolutely. We take protecting our customers and our employees very seriously.
It depends on your landscape goals. If you don’t mind not having the perfect manicured look this could be a great option for you. Organic landscaping is less toxic and better for the environment than traditional landscaping practices. However, you may see more weeds and your grass might be less green with organic landscaping. If you would like to discuss organic landscaping further please feel free to call us and discuss the benefits and disadvantages e of both.
We would love for your landscape to be 100% done after every visit! This is our goal, however, this is difficult to accomplish due to time constraints. This keeps our customers monthly prices affordable. Typically, we work your property in sections over time. Your landscape will usually be mowed, edged, beds and hard surfaces blown, weeds sprayed and tip pruned as time allows.
Twice a year, we apply a pre-emergent weed control to the beds. This creates a vapor barrier preventing weeds from sprouting. Over continued use, this greatly reduces the times we need to spend manually weeding beds. Also, we have found this keeps our customers happy, as visible weeds will drastically be reduced.

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