Is that time of year again…to de-winterize (irrigation start up) your irrigation system. Often, this process is more complicated than winterizing your system.  The below video will step you through the process of turning on your backflow device and testing your valves to see coverage patterns and tilted spray heads.

This video only covers a small aspect of starting an irrigation system. We have provided a hit list of the steps to starting up an irrigation sytstem.

  • Active backflow device
  • Inspect control valves
  • Inspect system for leaks in valves/heads/pipe
  • Cut grass around spray/pop-up heads
  • Run all zones and adjust heads for spray pattern for maximum efficiency and coverage

If you run into issues with clogged, broken or missing spray heads you may need to contact an irrigation specialist.

Expert Tip: You are legally required to have your backflow device inspected and certified yearly and have the results submitted to your city of dwelling.