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Why Winterize Irrigation Systems?

September 28th, 2017|Irrigation, Knowledge, Landscape Maintenance|

Why Winterize Irrigation Systems?

Breaks & Leaks

Are you asking yourself, “why winterize irrigation systems?” In the past, perhaps you simply turned your irrigation clock to the off […]

How to choose the RIGHT landscape water feature?

September 14th, 2017|Landscape Design|

4 Landscape Water Feature Design Conserderations

1. Look

Take a step back and visualize your landscape. Do you gravitate toward traditional english garden, modern […]

How to protect bees in Oregon

July 20th, 2017|Green landscaping, Knowledge, Landscape Maintenance|

Are you wondering how to protect bees in Oregon? 

If you’ve been hearing nonstop news reports on drastically declining bee populations and want to help. Any extra effort goes a […]

When to Turn Sprinklers on After Winter

June 5th, 2017|Irrigation, Seasonal Care|

Predictable is not a word one would typically use to describe Portland’s weather. Even at its best, it’s not unusual to go from warm and sunny weather to cold and rainy in the span of a week. The unexpected amount of snow Portland saw this winter has left many scratching their heads and wondering, “Is winter finally over? And is it time to turn my sprinklers back on?” Here is a basic guideline for you to read through before you turn on your sprinkler system.


7 Landscaping Tips to Keep Your Lawn Pristine

June 5th, 2017|Landscape Maintenance|

The first rays of sunshine are always a welcome sight after a long and dreary winter. As the weather slowly gets warmer, it seems like everything is suddenly bursting to life, especially in your front and backyard. Soak up nature’s vitamin D and take advantage of the longer days to perk up your garden. With these simple tips, it’s easy to maintain the health and beauty of your lawn all year round.


Winter Damage to Lawn, Trees & Shrubs. What you need to know!

December 19th, 2016|Knowledge, Plant and Tree Knowledge, Seasonal Care|

Often, falling snow is an excuse to forget about your landscape for the briefest moment. However, as any seasoned homeowner knows there are a host of problems associated with your seemingly dormant landscape. Turf, […]

2017’s Hottest Landscaping Trends In Portland!

November 14th, 2016|Knowledge, Landscape Design|

We have seen some pretty atrocious landscaping trends throughout out the years. Thankfully, 2017 heralds trends we love! This year many people will focus on functionality, sustainability and quality. We are so excited […]

4 Ways To Simplify Low Voltage Lighting

October 26th, 2016|Knowledge, Landscape Design, Lighting|

Memorizing every crack and step on your walkways? Neglecting the beauty your ornamental plants have to offer at night? Has the thought of continuously changing bulbs or tracing where the cut wire is, stopped […]

New sod lawn care and maintenance

September 29th, 2016|Knowledge, Turf|

Watering lawn is similar to our own watering needs. Too little water and we die, too much water and we drown. Lawn watering needs are no different. Finding that essential balance is crucial […]

Fall is the time to plant bulbs in Portland, Oregon!

September 28th, 2016|Knowledge, Plant and Tree Knowledge, Seasonal Care|

Fall planting for spring bulbs!

white tulips in blThere is nothing more exciting than seeing the first crocus peek from the cold soil. It ushers in the […]

Landscape lightning. A must in Portland, Oregon homes!

September 26th, 2016|Knowledge, Landscape Design|

Often, we see homeowners make the mistake of prioritizing landscape lighting last on the list of design appeal. Properly designed and installed landscape lighting enhances value, beauty and safety to any landscape. Lighting is especially important in Oregon, […]

How to create a country haven in urban Portland!

September 13th, 2016|Landscape Design|

While city life is great, sometimes you may just want a little country in your life. We have created a list of ways to bring the country to you. Creating a place of calmness while utilizing your landscape […]

How To Winterize Your Irrigation System

September 1st, 2016|Irrigation, Knowledge, Seasonal Care|

As summer fades, falling leaves and cooling temperatures are a good signal it’s time to shut down your irrigation system and prepare for the cold ahead. Expensive pipes and components are at risk of damage when […]

How To Choose The RIGHT Tree For Your Landscape

July 27th, 2016|Knowledge, Landscape Design, Plant and Tree Knowledge|

Choosing the right tree can seem…overwhelming. Especially, if you are not using a landscape specialist. With thousands of tree varieties to choose from, you may be wondering where to start. There are some […]

How to Hide A Chain-link Fence! Quick Fixes & Beautiful Plantings!

July 19th, 2016|Landscape Design|

Some may opt for a chain-link fence as cedar fences may be cost prohibitive or perhaps you inherited one with your home. Unfortunately, chainlink fences often inspire […]

How to attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds?

July 7th, 2016|Knowledge|

Many people are interested in attracting butterflies, bees and hummingbirds because of their beauty. Not only is a landscape with these critters wonderful to look at, their presence represents a thriving landscape. Attracting […]

How to install sod in Portland Oregon!

June 21st, 2016|Knowledge, Turf|

Have you been eyeballing your landscape, wanting a green lawn in a snap? Sod offers a unique quality by instantly providing a luscious green lawn in a day. Below we have detailed out […]

How to aerate and overseed your lawn in Portland, Oregon

June 9th, 2016|Landscape Maintenance, Seasonal Care, Turf|

Have you ever wondered why landscape professionals stress regular aeration and overseeding to lawns? If lawn is important to you, aerating and overseeding is a must for any landscape. Aerating and overseeding your […]

Organic landscaping in Portland Oregon. 8 steps to start off right!

May 27th, 2016|Knowledge, Landscape Maintenance|

Many people have organic landscaping on their minds. Often times folks want to either 1) reduce chemical exposure to children and pets or 2) landscape in a more eco-friendly way. No matter the reasons you […]

How to landscape a small Portland backyard. Creating your outdoor oasis!

May 17th, 2016|Knowledge, Landscape Design|

We know space can be limited in Portland backyards, but that does not mean you need to sacrifice having a outdoor sanctuary. Over the years we have learned what works best for folks and their […]