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When to Turn Sprinklers on After Winter

Predictable is not a word one would typically use to describe Portland’s weather. Even at its best, it’s not unusual to go from warm and sunny weather to cold and rainy in the span of a week. The unexpected amount of snow Portland saw this winter has left many scratching their heads and wondering, “Is winter finally over? And is it time to turn my sprinklers back on?” Here is a basic guideline for you to read through before you turn on your sprinkler system. […]

7 Landscaping Tips to Keep Your Lawn Pristine

The first rays of sunshine are always a welcome sight after a long and dreary winter. As the weather slowly gets warmer, it seems like everything is suddenly bursting to life, especially in your front and backyard. Soak up nature’s vitamin D and take advantage of the longer days to perk up your garden. With these simple tips, it’s easy to maintain the health and beauty of your lawn all year round. […]