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How To Choose A Portland Landscaper

Weighing all the factors in choosing a Portland landscaper can seem overwhelming. There are so many to choose from, what's important in making your decision? We have simplified what to look for making your research [...]

Wondering what to do with a Christmas tree?

6 Uses For Your Christmas Tree Christmas always seems to fade quickly, with gifts unwrapped and decorations down you are eyeing the elephant in the room....the TREE. What should you do with the rapidly [...]

8 Ways DIY Landscaping Can Go Wrong

DIY Landscaping Gone Wrong Many people turn to landscape DIY to save some bucks or want to let out their creative side within the natural world. We are all for it; however, time and time [...]

7 Amazing Facts About Trees!

Simply put trees are amazing. They are the oldest living things on earth, they sustain life giving oxygen, purify the air, give clues to the past and are key in supporting life to animals. Without [...]