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Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Your lawns Top 6 Enemies This Winter Lawn may be the last thing on your mind in winter; however, come spring you may be wishing you took some simple precautions. Homeowners who take care of their [...]

How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

How to prepare your yard for winter. Follow these 5 simple steps and you're set! 1. Corrective pruning Corrective pruning prevents breakage of weak branches (which can rip down the side of [...]

5 Benefits of Bark Mulch

What are the benefits of bark mulch? You may have asked yourself about the benefits and reasons homeowners install bark mulch (also known as barkdust) into planting beds. It may even seem like an [...]

Landscape drainage can save your home from flooding!

Many homeowners in Oregon do not have flood insurance, which is not required by law unless you live in a flood zone area. Yet, this does not mean you won't experience flooding in your home. [...]

4 Uses for Fall Leaves

What to do with all the leaves in my yard? 4 Uses for Fall Leaves The changing leaves may be a love-hate relationship for many people, having one eye on the beauty of the [...]